Spl.yt is a blockchain-powered global e-commerce inventory protocol that advances the online retail industry towards a less expensive and more secure system.


SPL.YT E-Commerce Stack

Decentralized Global Inventory

Marketplaces can conveniently publish items to the global inventory listing.

Fractional Ownership Tools

Vendors can offer their assets to be fractionally purchased, increasing their market potential. Buyers will have the ability to buy, sell and manage these assets collectively.

Spl.yt Token Contract

Allows for participation in the Spl.yt ecosystem and ensures the integrity of the SAT assets.

Automated Affiliate Marketing

Marketplaces that list inventory from another third party marketplace are automatically rewarded upon the completion of a cross-marketplace sale, removing the need for affiliate marketing middlemen services.

Dispute Resolution Protocol

The Spl.yt protocol will streamline dispute resolution through a two step process that includes token "staking", and, if needed, qualified anonymous third party arbitrators.

Marketplace Reputation System

Spl.yt builds on proven reputation models that utilize token incentive economics to assure buyer and seller confidence across their preferred marketplaces. The universal nature of Spl.yt’s reputation system liberates users from the pitfalls of marketplace specific reputation scores.