"We are building a new ‘internet for shopping’ with Spl.yt, enabling a more efficient and secure evolution of ecommerce."
- Cyrus Taghehchian, CEO, Spl.yt Core Foundation


SPL.YT E-Commerce Stack

Decentralized Global Inventory

Sellers and Marketplaces can conveniently publish inventory to our global blockchain databse.

Fractional Ownership Tools

Sellers can offer their assets to be fractionally purchased, increasing their asset’s market potential. Buyers will have the ability to buy, sell and manage assets collectively.

Spl.yt Token Contract

Spl.yt tokens are used to align good behavior and platform functionality driving the Spl.yt ecosystem.

Automated Affiliate Marketing

Marketplaces who post inventory on the Spl.yt blockchain can include a bounty that is automatically paid out to third parties who facilitate a cross-marketplace sale, removing the need for affiliate marketing middleman services.

Dispute Resolution Protocol

Buyers and sellers can be more confident in their transactions because spl.yt’s dispute resolution system incentivizes good behavior in ecommerce transactions.

Marketplace Reputation System

Spl.yt builds on proven reputation models that utilize token incentive economics to assure buyer and seller confidence across their preferred marketplaces. The universal nature of Spl.yt’s reputation system liberates users from the pitfalls of marketplace specific reputation scores.