Mission Statement

Spl.yt Core Foundation is a nonpartisan, non-profit entity with a mission to support and promote the public utility of E-commerce through open-source Spl.yt Core protocol as enforced by blockchain smart contracts. Through research and development relevant to the E-commerce industry, Spl.yt core foundation strives to optimize the use of standardized blockchain protocols that empower E-commerce participants to improve market conditions while minimizing high transactions costs, fraud, and waste.

Open Sourced

Spl.yt leverages the power of open-source development to reduce operational costs, build the community, and allow parties building on Spl.yt to customize code to fit their needs. Open-source projects allow for contribution from a much larger developer pool, tending to deliver more secure products for a lower cost than private projects. Spl.yt recognizes the importance of open-source to the blockchain community and remains committed to preserving a collaborative ethos throughout our DNA.